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On the planet Nebulus, trouble is brewing. Some one has been building giant towers in the sea without planning permission, and Destructo Inc has been given the job of demolishing them. The player takes the role of the unfortunate worker who has been given the mission. The demolition expert arrives at the bottom of each tower by submarine. He's a typical Nebulese, a fat little green biped with a mission to raze all towers quickly!

Nebulus was originally developed and designed by John M. Phillips and published by Hewson on various computer in the end of the 80's.

The symbian version is a straight port from the Atari/ST version with enhanced graphics and high audio quality sound track

Nebulus © and ™ Rebellion. All Rights Reserved. Used under licence. Nebulus exclusively licensed by Ironstone Partners Ltd/So Games 2005. Nebulus concept and original versions created by John M Phillips.
Symbian port developed and modified by Magic Productions
Symbian version exclusively published worldwide by Telcogames under license from Ironstonee Partners Ltd / So games 2005.

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