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QWAK, addictive fun by Jamie Woodhouse !

Experience super-playable coin-op style action game in this cute and curious platformer ! Take your little green duck and go blast all the bad guys. To complete each scene you have to pick up every keys and exit via the open door.

All scenes are full of bonus, take them all to get your name in the hall of fame ! Take the different power-ups to blast the baddies more easily.

QWAK turns your phone into an arcade machine.

Features :
80 scenes through 8 different worlds
Constant 30fps for super smooth action
A tons of special game features
10 in-game tunes
Excellent difficulty curve

QWAK was originally developed and designed by Jamie Woodhouse on Amiga and was published the 1st time by the famous Team17 in 1993. An another pixel-perfect conversion by Magic Productions.

Review :
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